Best Tower Fan Reviews 2018

Best Tower Fan Reviews. For most people summer is their favourite season. Tee shirts, shorts, dresses, sandals… Warm sunshine puts a smile on everyones face. When outside we can take some shade under a tree or dive into a cool swimming pool to cool down, but indoors it come sometimes get a little sticky. Air […]

Best Solar Pool Cover 2018

Solar Pool Cover

Best Solar Pool Cover 2018. Swimming or even just relaxing in a warm swimming pool is one of lifes luxuries. Chilling with a cold drink beside the pool is associated with exotic holidays in far flung lands but if you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool at home, you will know exactly […]

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2018

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2018 Motorcycles are more than just a means of transport. Motorcycling provides a real sense of freedom unlike no other. The only issue with motorcycling is that, unlike when you are travelling by car, it is hard to communicate with your passenger or indeed other bikers. A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet solves […]

Memory Foam Shoes Review 2018

memory foam shoes

Memory Foam Shoes Review. Memory foam in one form or another, has been around for a while now. Memory foam shoes are the latest product to hit the market from this extremely versatile material. Best known for its use in mattresses and pillows, memory foam is a viscoelastic form of polyurethane that moulds to the […]

Best Inflatable Tent – A Guide For Families

Best Inflatable Tent

The great outdoors conjures up mental images of wide open spaces and adventure. And what better way to explore and enjoy the wonderful open spaces on our fabulous planet than by camping. Camping in the best inflatable tent is a joy that once experienced becomes addictive. Inflatable Tent Simplifies Camping Every household should own the […]

Saxophone, Harmonica And Other Beautiful Sounding Musical Instruments


Saxophone Also referred to as a sax, the saxophone is an amazing instrument that has been with us from around the year 1840 when it was invented by Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax. The sax is a fairly large instrument with a bell shaped outlet giving it a majestic look. It belongs to the family […]

Google Pixel Case Study

google pixel case

The Google Pixel 2 is an iconic phone. Minimalist design but loaded with powerful features that really pack a punch even by today’s high standards and advanced mobile technology. An incredibly tough aluminum unibody coupled with a crystal clear HD Gorilla glass screen push the boundaries of cellphone durability but the need for a Google […]

Hammock With Stand Buyers Guide

hammock with stand

Summer is on the way and with it comes warm weather and lazy weekends in the sun. What better way to pass the time than swinging gently in your very own hammock with stand. Imagine a peaceful Sunday in the garden, sipping a cool drink and listening to your favorite music or reading a book while […]

5 Beautiful Bedroom Furniture Ideas.

bedroom furniture ideas

Matching bedroom furniture is a great addition to your home. It brings a touch of luxury and style to your boudoir while also being functional. The bed is obviously the most important component when considering bedroom furniture ideas as we spend almost one third of our lives sleeping, but the ancillary items such as nightstands, wardrobes, chests of drawers, media chests and dressers are equally important.