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5 Underrated Places to Visit in Southeast Europe in 2023

Southeast Europe is a broader term for countries based in the Balkan Peninsula. Johann Georg von Hahn first used the geographical term Southeast Europe. He was an Austrian researcher who lived in the 19th century.

Not plenty of people have had the chance to visit Southeast Europe countries during their lifetimes. But what if we told you that Southeast Europe has so much to offer?

Ohrid – North Macedonia

Ohrid – North Macedonia
Ohrid – North Macedonia

Ohrid is a city in the southwest part of North Macedonia. The city and its lake, called the Ohrid Lake, are one of the main tourist attractions in North Macedonia.

The city is also known as the Balkan and European Jerusalem, due to the large number of churches and monasteries. Furthermore, Ohrid is known as the “City of Light”, which is a literal translation of its old name – Lychnidos.

Another indicator of how highly-regarded Ohrid is comes with the fact that it is included in UNESCO’s world heritage.

Throughout history, Ohrid was considered the most important educational centre for all Slavic people. Ohrid is also home to the oldest university in Europe (9th century).

There are plenty of things to look forward to if you decide to visit Ohrid, but some of the most interesting facts about the city are:

  • There are two endemic and tasteful fish species you have to try – trout and plashica
  • Once, there were 365 churches in Ohrid – one for each day of the year
  • If you have the chance, you must buy hand-made Ohrid pearls that contain the scales of the plashica fish
  • Ohrid Lake is the most bio-diverse lake in the world full of endemic species spanning the entire food chain

Ohrid is a beautiful city to visit in all parts of the year, especially during the summer. The lake is not cold, and there are some stunning beaches to make your vacation one to remember!

Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

You probably know all about Zagreb or Dubrovnik, the place where Game of Thrones was filmed, but you probably don’t know much about Plitvice Lakes.

Plitvice Lakes is a national park that is home to 16 different lakes. All these lakes change their colour by the second. Before you know it, you can see blue, green, and turquoise, as the sun hits the water. With that, all organisms and minerals come into life, so it is a sight that stays with you for a lifetime.

One thing to note here you are not allowed to swim in Plitvice Lakes. Surrounding the place, you will find numerous waterfalls, with the tallest one being the Great Waterfall. Its height is 70 meters and you can see it from miles away.

Even though winters are very harsh and cold in that region, the way Plitvice Lakes look is just stunning. The falls completely freeze and they can stay solid for more than 30 days.

Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo is a city that we can describe with just a few words – a city of burek, baklava, kebabs, songs that are sure to stick with you and friendly people.

Sarajevo was one of the most developed cities in Europe in the 19th century, with the first shopping centre opened here.

Once you visit Sarajevo, you must take a look at all the churches and mosques. The medieval architecture is nicely combined with modern structures, so if you are a photographer, you will love the city.

However, you cannot afford to visit Sarajevo and not try out its cuisine. Wherever you decide to eat in the city, you have to try out the sausage and pita cevapi, which is the unofficial national dish of Bosnia, as well as the burek, another traditional meal.

Belgrade – Serbia

belgrade europe trip

If you wonder whether Belgrade is worth visiting, the answer is a resounding yes! People know Belgrade as the architect’s dream, and the food is delicious.

What is more, the nightlife doesn’t seem to stop in Belgrade, so get ready for a thrilling trip. Serbians are also known as some of the best hosts in the world, so you will feel right at home.

Two large rivers called Danube and Sava meet in the centre of Belgrade and divide it into three. You can enjoy the sight of the rivers from the Belgrade Fortress, which is a must-visit when you visit Belgrade.

Finally, Belgrade is one of the greenest cities in the world, with parks all around the place. You can walk everywhere freely in Belgrade, as the city is very safe.

Kotor – Montenegro

Kotor – Montenegro

We finish this list with Kotor, one of the best places you can visit in Southeast Europe. It is a stunning coastal city with plenty of attractions.

There are all sorts of things to do in Kotor, but the Kotor Walls are a must-visit. They are also known as the Fortifications of Kotor and they have been expanded and modified by numerous empires that controlled Kotor throughout history.

Climbing the walls is one of the best things to do in Kotor, and by going higher and higher, you get a stunning view of the city and the bay.

Finally, Kotor is home to some of the best beaches in the Adriatic Sea, so it is the ideal place for your summer vacation.



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