Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2018

Motorcycles are more than just a means of transport. Motorcycling provides a real sense of freedom unlike no other. The only issue with motorcycling is that, unlike when you are travelling by car, it is hard to communicate with your passenger or indeed other bikers. A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet solves this problem by connecting rider to passenger and even to other motorcyclists via Bluetooth technology inbuilt into the helmet. You can also add this functionality to an existing helmet with the addition of a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom system.

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is not just for communication; you can also listen to your favourite music via mp3. 1 click of a button connects your smartphone or Bluetooth mp3 player to the helmet and voice control makes everything completely hands free and simple to operate. You can also get the latest traffic and weather report updates instantly so you can plan ahead as necessary.

Safety And Convenience

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets incorporate modern technology but lets not forget the primary function of a motorcycle helmet : safety. Accidents can and do happen and protection is paramount for motorcyclists. Unlike a car, you don’t have the luxury of a metal shell to protect you in the event of a crash. A quality motorcycle jacket or even full motorcycle leathers, proper motorcycling boots and gloves are essential but the most vulnerable part of the body is always the head. The helmet should be tight fitting with a fully adjustable chin strap to keep it firmly in place should the worst happen.

Modern materials mean that today’s helmets are the best they have ever been in terms of safety. Kevlar, carbon fibre and poly-carbonate are all extremely tough substances used in the manufacture of helmets. Blend with the latest memory foam lining and you have a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that is both comfortable and safe. Comfort is equally important, after all as a biker you will spend long periods wearing your helmet. Fortunately, manufacturers have recognised this and made sure that all stitching in possible rubbing areas is concealed to avoid discomfort. Internal padding is just as crucial to all other aspects of your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and the aforementioned memory foam should definitely be considered when choosing your choice of helmet.

In most countries, the department for transport will set a minimum safety specification that all motorcycle helmets must comply with. There is also the Snell memorial foundation voluntary standard which is the stricter protocol. Both standards involve stringent impact and structural tests. When buying a bluetooth motorcycle helmet, check that it meets both the DOT and Snell safety standards to guarantee the protective capability.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Communication

The main feature of a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is to provide the rider with the ability to make and receive calls, hands free, while on the move. Once linked to your mobile phone, you can receive a call by pushing a button or, with more advanced systems, voice activation. The latter is preferable as it is truly hands free so there is no lapses in concentration. Just say “answer” to receive a call, or “call john” (for example) to make a call.

The intercom feature makes communicating with your pillion passenger a breeze. The intercom channel will be constantly open while you are riding so chatting on the go becomes normal. Also, if you like to ride with friends and other bikers you can chat with them providing they have a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet too.

Other Things To Consider

Ventilation is very important to bikers. The dreaded visor mist is now a thing of the past thanks to improvements to helmet ventilation and airflow. This also helps to keep the rider cool on those long rides on hot, sunny days. The visor should be scratch resistant to maintain excellent vision at all times. Some Bluetooth motorcycle helmet visors are tinted, both for cosmetic reasons but more importantly to prevent glare from the sun and headlights of oncoming traffic at night. Look for a 100% UV resistant visor to provide further protection from the sun.

Cleaning the exterior of the helmet is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth but historically they were harder to clean inside. Dirt and sweat residue can build up over time which can make wearing the helmet unpleasant. Check that your helmet has a removable, fully washable lining preferably micro-fibre or anti-microbial fabric which also prevents bacteria from building up. The electronics and earpieces associated with the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet should also fully remove for cleaning and maintenance.

Ensure that your helmet has a decent battery with long standby and talk-time. Lithium batteries set the standard currently and are the most popular choice. The microphone should be noise resistant so that wind, engine and general road noise don’t affect the quality of your calls. Range should also be considered. Most decent Bluetooth helmets have a range of 300 metres or above. While this is obviously not important when making calls, it is something to consider if you will be using the intercom to talk to fellow motorcyclists.

Many Bluetooth helmets also come equipped with GPS systems for navigation.

Motorcycle Communication Systems

If you are happy with your current helmet, there is always the option of purchasing a separate motorcycle communication system. These consist of a digital display mounted on the centre console of your motorcycle, earphones and microphone. The earphones and microphone will fit snugly into your existing helmet and provide all the functionality of a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Conclusion

When choosing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, the priority, as with any helmet, should be safety. A helmet is designed to save your life so it is pointless to buy a $100 helmet that looks good but falls apart when you need it most. Aside from safety, the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet should incorporate all of the features mentioned above : long battery life, hands free features, good range, removable and washable interior, fog and scratch free visor, mp3 compatibility, easy charging plus be rated by the relevant department of transport in your country and Snell. Always choose the best that you can afford and you wont go far wrong. Cheap is expensive, especially when it comes to your personal safety.

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