Best Canister Filter 2018

  1. Using The Best  Canister Filter is a great way to keep your Fish tanks water clean by filtering out the debris and other dirt  that are will inevitably accumulate in the fish tank.

Best Canister Filter fish tank


How do Canister Filters work?


This is a basic illustration of how Canister filters work in Principle (Different manufacturers models may have different designs but the Principle remains the same.) Some canisters come with inbuilt water pumps while others use an external pump.

Canister Filters suck up water out of the aquarium into an external filter or canister where the water is pushed through a series of filtration layers in the Canister to filter and clean the water.


Best Canister Filter ilustration

Q. Which is the best canister filter for my fish Tank?
A. To be honest, there isn’t a single “fit all” answer to this question.

However we I do recommend that you purchase a standard filter canister that can be fitted with other manufacturers filters. This will enable you save by money by buying from different manufacturers and retailers.

You also do get the opportunity to select from a range of filters and buy the one that you feel will give you the best results.

Other factors to consider when purchasing your Canister

1. Lookup the manufacturers maintenance recommendations as some filters will require frequent maintenance by cleaning while others may not even have the option of cleaning, but require replacement of the filter with a new one.

2. Flow Rate: This is the capacity of the filter which is commonly calculated as Gallons per Hour (gph). Consider the capacity of your tank to assess the correct capacity of the filter you will require.

3. Size of the Canister: This very Important as filters come in different sizes and you have to take this into consideration Vis a vi the size of your tank and the space available inside if you decide to go for an internal cartridge. If you go for the external models you also have to consider where to pace it, here the length of tubing that comes with the canister should also be taken into consideration.

4. Noise and Vibrations produced by the canister: Some canisters do produce some levels of noise and vibrations that may be disturbing. You should take this factor into consideration when deciding the location you wish to place your tank.

5 Requirements for your type of fish/pet: Different fish and other pets may have different requirements. Some are considered as extremely Dirty, the water in the tank may require to be replaced/cleaned more frequently, or may require substantial different levels from oxygen from others. You have to ensure that the Canister you choose will be able to address these needs.

6  A canister with a flow control valve to lets you regulate the water flow according to your requirements.

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