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Swimming or even just relaxing in a warm swimming pool is one of lifes luxuries. Chilling with a cold drink beside the pool is associated with exotic holidays in far flung lands but if you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool at home, you will know exactly how special it is. But keeping a pool at exactly the right temperature can be expensive. The power needed to heat an average sized pool can double or triple your electricity bills so we have decided to find the best solar pool cover for your pool.

The best solar pool cover should be cost effective to buy but save you a fortune in power costs. It should be simple and quick to set in place when you have finished using the pool and equally easy to remover when you are ready for a swim. The best solar pool covers can be found online significantly cheaper than buying from your average local swimming pool accessories store. The fit should be perfect with no gaps. Safety is important as some solar pool covers can be dangerous, especially for small children. But the main point of the best solar pool cover is to keep your pool warm so that you can use it all year round.

The best solar pool covers will store heat from the sun during the day and retain that heat overnight when things cool down. This is achieved through insulated thermal bubbles embedded in the cover. As the suns rays are harsh, UV protection will be standard on the best pool cover.

Types Of Solar Pool Cover

There are two main styles of solar pool cover. Choosing the best solar pool cover depends on your individual requirements. If you want to convert your outdoor pool into a semi-indoor pool you should choose an above ground solar pool cover. These pool covers are effectively a transparent tent that surrounds your pool, heating both the water and the air with solar energy. Above ground covers are safe for children and fully protect your pool from the elements.

The other, more common type of solar pool cover is the traditional style cover on a reel. These covers are made from plastic and look similar to bubble wrap but the technology is more advanced. The bubbles in this case are insulated thermal bubbles that retain heat very effectively. To cover the pool you simply pull it from the reel from one end to the other. To uncover simply turn the handle on the reel to wind up the solar pool cover. These flat pool covers are considerably less to buy than the above ground type but do the job of heating your pool just as effectively. These covers are also referred to as solar pool blankets.

Measuring Your Swimming Pool

Assuming your pool is rectangular or square, simply measure length-ways and width-ways to the waters edge to get a clean fit for your solar pool cover. If you have a round swimming pool its a little more complex. Measure the diameter of the pool (the width from edge to edge. Square that number (so for instance if the diameter is 10metres then 10 squared = 100) then times that number by 3.14 to give the surface area (in this case 314 square metres).

Measure the pool as accurately as you can to get the best fit as this will prevent evaporation and heat loss. It will also stop dirt and debris getting into the water, which will save on cleaning and chemicals in the long term. Also bear in mind that the best solar pool cover is easy to trim with just a craft knife or scissors so small miscalculations can be easily rectified.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Solar Pool Cover

Quality : Be sure to choose the best quality cover that you can afford. The quality of the cover can greatly affect both the lifespan and also the heat retention.

Safety : If you have young children especially, but also generally, choose a solar pool cover with a high safety rating. Generally these covers come complete with anchors that sit around the edge of your swimming pool that attach to the cover and recess into the ground or deck when not in use.

Thickness : This goes hand in hand with quality but is an important characteristic to consider as thicker covers are more durable and retain heat considerably better.

Warranty : Select a cover with an extended warranty for piece of mind and to protect your investment.

Colour : Blue coloured solar pool covers are the most aesthetically pleasing as they match the natural colour of your pool but clear or transparent covers achieve the same look. Silver and black are also common.

Our Best Solar Pool Cover Choices

Above Ground Solar Pool Cover – Sun Dome Above Ground Pool Covers

Sun Dome are the leading manufacturer of above ground pool covers in a range of styles. From high end polycarboonate solid pool covers with aluminum frames to more pocket friendly plastic solar pool covers. Check out their full range here.

  • Superior Quality
  • Warms Both Water And Air

Solar Pool Cover

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Solar Pool Cover (Blanket Style) – Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Pool Cover

The highest rated and best value solar pool cover on the market is this 12 millimeter thick resin cover from Sun2Solar. Available in sizes from 12×20 to 30×60, this premium solar pool cover is easily trimmed to the exact size of your swimming pool. Click here to check current prices.

  • Top Quality
  • Easy To Trim To Size
  • Suitable For Above Or Below Ground Pools

swimming pool cover

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Thanks for checking out our solar pool cover review. We hope it has helped you choose the best cover for your swimming pool. If you are searching for additional items to add a touch of luxury to your garden, take a look at our hammock with stand reviews.

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