Google Pixel Case Study

The Google Pixel 2 is an iconic phone. Minimalist design but loaded with powerful features that really pack a punch even by today’s high standards and advanced mobile technology. An incredibly tough aluminum unibody coupled with a crystal clear HD Gorilla glass screen push the boundaries of cellphone durability but the need for a Google Pixel case is still ever present in the rough and tumble world we live in.

The Google Pixel 2 boasts one of the highest quality cameras yet seen on a mobile phone. Image quality is outstanding at all light levels, indoors or out. High power battery with fast charging is standard kit. Up to 128 gb of memory to store all your photos and videos with room to spare plus 4 gb of RAM to run your applications smoothly.




Strong And Stylish.

Even though the Google Pixel 2 is tough, it is not indestructible and a phone of this quality needs a strong but stylish Google Pixel case to protect it from unnecessary damage or wear and tear. A quality Google Pixel case will not just protect from shock damage but also water and other liquids. Unhindered access to access to all functions and the camera is essential when choosing your Google Pixel 2 case.

A good case should be lightweight and unobtrusive so that when in place the footprint of the phone is not too much bigger than without the Google Pixel case. The Pixel 2 XL has a 6 inch screen as opposed to the standard models 5 inch. If you are lucky enough to own the larger phone, you will require a Google Pixel 2 XL Case. Fortunately there is an extensive range of cases for the Pixel, at prices to suit all pockets.

Best Google Pixel Case.

Beware of the overly cheap cases (generally less than $20) as they are rarely a bargain. These phone cases are made from cheap materials and usually last days or weeks rather than years. Sometimes cheap is expensive. Far better to choose a premium quality Google Pixel case and be sure your precious phone is protected. Around $50 will secure you a case that will last the lifetime of your phone.

We have done our own “Google Pixel case study” to find the best Google Pixel case on the market right now. From super premium designer phone cases to smart and sturdy mid range bargains, we think we’ve found the top 5 cases for Google Pixel 2. You can read our findings below.

1. Google Pixel 2 XL Case – Carbon Style.

google pixel 2 xl caseThis high end Google Pixel 2 case was designed by Google themselves so must be worth a look. Made from premium tailored fabric with a soft micro fiber lining, this case is a joy to behold. Google have styled this case to perfectly match the look and feel of the Pixel 2 XL. Pleasing to the eye and to the touch and with a discreet embossed google logo, this case just oozes class.

High end but highly recommended. Rated 5 stars.

2. Bike Mounted Google Pixel 2 Case – Aircraft Grade.

bike mounted google pixel caseA very different type of case for Google Pixel. This rugged case is made from lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber, so is virtually indestructible but where it differs from a normal case is that this one is designed to be mounted to the handlebars of a bicycle. This allows the rider to stay connected or use navigation aids while cycling. Super light design means that it is not noticeable when mounted on road or mountain bikes.

Recommended 4 star case for cycling fanatics.

3. Leather Wallet Google Pixel 2 XL Case. 

leather wallet google pixel caseHow about a sleek, handcrafted real leather wallet for your Pixel 2? This case combines the practicality of protecting your phone with the functionality of a wallet. Includes space inside for cash, credit cards and identification. Comes with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

Great value genuine leather case for Pixel 2. 4 star rated by us.

4. Slim Armor Google Pixel 2 Case – Shockproof With Belt Clip. 

slim armor google pixel caseThis sturdy case is a dual layer, hybrid shield design with a built-in belt clip. The belt clip on this Pixel case also doubles as a handy stand for your phone, which is ideal when watching video. Features precise cutouts for easy access and maximum shock protection to prevent accidents.

Another quality Google Pixel case that earns 4 stars out of a possible 5.

5. Elena Dudina Official Gel Google Pixel 2 XL Case – Pack of 18. 

Elena Dudina Official Gel Google Pixel 2 XL CaseThese official Elena Dudina Google Pixel cases are literally works of art. You get not just 1 but 18 different cases for your phone so you change your style as often as you wish. Constructed from tough TPU gel in the UK, each case has a unique design by the renowned international artist Elena Dudina.

5 Stars for style alone but also great value for 18 cases.

Google Pixel Case Study Conclusion.

So we hope that you have learnt a little about the various different types of cases for Google Pixel and Pixel 2. From the 5 that we have tested above, there is a clear cut victor. Number 1 on our list, Googles very own Pixel case the Google Pixel 2 XL Case – Carbon Style. This case combines quality, style, durability and practicality in equal measures and even though the price is in the premium range, this case is worth every penny. A worthy winner.

A valiant second place is number 2 on our list, the Bike Mounted Google Pixel 2 Case – Aircraft Grade. This case is a tech savvy bikers dream and the build quality and design makes this a wise choice for them.

Thanks for reading our review of cases for Google Pixel and be sure to check out our other reviews of best selling products. Our goal, as always, is to save you time and money by digging out the quality products from the minefield that is the online marketplace.

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