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Ideas for organizing the laundry room that will make folding socks your favourite activity of the day

An empty hamper in a well-kept laundry room is one of the few things in life that we like more than anything else. The bulky bottles, random socks, and partially filled laundry baskets, however, mean that ours never seem to stay that way (which take up way too much space). Therefore, we’re redesigning the laundry room (or closet) as a New Year’s resolution so that it will be as tidy and spotless as our recently ironed whites. The eight organization suggestions listed below range from collapsible laundry baskets to hanging dispensers, labeled jars, and over-the-door organizers.

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1. Put everything in jars with labels.

Assemble all the containers and labels you’ll need for your laundry room’s storage. This can apply to any laundry-related products, such as detergent, fabric softener, spot remover, etc.

All of the jars you’ll be using should be washed and dried. Before moving on to the following stage, make sure they are thoroughly dry.

Pour the appropriate quantity of each item into the correct jar after measuring out the proper amount. Be sure to include the product name, expiration date, and any other pertinent information on the label of each jar.

Place the filled and labeled jars in a dedicated spot in your laundry room once they are all complete. This might be on a tabletop, a cabinet, or a shelf.

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2. Install an extendable clothing line

On this list, which invention is maybe the cleverest? A retractable clothesline. To dry your clothing, you must draw out the line, fasten it to the opposite wall, and then push the lock. The line can then be retracted with a button press to be hidden after everything has been put away. This one has solid wall-mounted bases and two retractable wires that are 13.8 feet long. It can handle up to 44 pounds of laundry.

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3. Utilize a detergent dispenser to lessen spills.

The large detergent bottles are a fantastic idea, in theory. It’s not good for your back to haul the large, hefty container out, though. Following each use, it also frequently seeps onto the cabinet. Thus, the reason we adore this brilliant creation. Rubber pads on the bottom of the stand ensure that it won’t slide or slip, and the natural wood varnish is simple to clean. The platform also makes it simple to access the detergent. Did we also mention that it contains a tiny space for your dryer sheets?

laundry room organization 5

4. Suspend a Detergent, Softener, and Scent Booster Dispenser.

Lacking in cabinetry space? Put your preferred detergents, softeners, and aroma enhancers inside of this dispenser before hanging it on the wall. Not only will this free up more space in your valuable cabinet, but it also makes the bottles simple to retrieve when you need to run a load. Dispensers also ensure that the correct amount of product is used each time, preventing waste and ensuring that your clothes are properly cleaned and conditioned. A suspended dispenser can be a sleek and modern addition to your laundry room, adding to the space’s overall aesthetic.

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5. Attach a magnetic lint bin to the dryer.

To lessen accumulation, try hanging a magnetic lint bin because lint has a tendency to attract more lint.

This one has hooks on the wall mount so you can hang it somewhere else if you’d rather and a full back magnet so you can adhere it to the dryer. Attach the magnetic lint bin to the dryer by positioning it on the side or top of the dryer, making sure the magnets on the back of the bin securely attach to the metal surface of the dryer. You may need to adjust the positioning of the bin until it is securely in place. Once it is attached, you can begin to use it to collect lint as your clothes dry.

Additionally, you may avoid getting your hands dirty by using the dryer lint brush that is included.

6. Change to collapsible laundry baskets from regular ones

This foldable basket can hold a full load of laundry and, in keeping with the idea of space-saving techniques, collapses to just 3 inches high. Comparing collapsible laundry baskets to standard ones reveals a number of advantages. These baskets are frequently made of strong, simple-to-clean materials like plastic or canvas, so you can wipe them down or throw them in the washing machine.

7. Utilize Over-the-Door Organizers in Laundry Closets.

Over-the-door organizers are a great way to maximize the space in a laundry closet. They can store laundry detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry supplies. They can also be used to store laundry baskets, hangers, and other laundry-related items. Anyone who lives in an apartment and is fortunate enough to have in-unit laundry knows exactly what to do. You can hang your ironing board on the over-the-door organizer, which will free up a tonne of side space you didn’t know you had. It also has a storage caddy on top for your detergent, irons, and fabric sprays.

One of the benefits of using an over-the-door organizer in a laundry closet is that it keeps everything within easy reach. You don’t have to dig through a pile of laundry to find what you need. Additionally, an over-the-door organizer can help keep your laundry closet looking neat and organized.

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8. Include a basket for “Lost Socks”

A basket designated for “Lost Socks” can be a great addition to a laundry room. This basket can serve as a catch-all for any single socks that may have lost their match during the washing and drying process. This can make it easier for you to find the missing pair and keep your socks organized. The basket can be labeled with a sign or a tag that says “Lost Socks” to make it easily identifiable. It can also be placed in a convenient location, such as next to the washing machine or dryer, so that you can easily deposit any stray socks you may find.



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