Memory Foam Shoes Review 2018

Memory foam in one form or another, has been around for a while now. Memory foam shoes are the latest product to hit the market from this extremely versatile material. Best known for its use in mattresses and pillows, memory foam is a viscoelastic form of polyurethane that moulds to the shape of whatever is putting pressure on it. For instance, when you lie on a memory foam mattress it takes the shape of your body. And when you rest your head on a memory foam pillow it similarly moulds itself around your head so its very comfortable. But the major thing to note is that it springs back to shape when you are no longer using it.

Memory foam was invented in 1966 by a couple of NASA scientists who were seeking a new type of foam to improve the safety of cushions used in aviation. Later, it was used for medical purposes and also to line the helmets of NFL football players. It was eventually released to the public in the 80s and many companies saw the potential of this new “super foam”. Originally, it was a little too expensive for everyday use but was used in hospitals for everything from beds to wheelchair seats.

As production and technology moved forward, memory foam became affordable and mattresses and pillows became commonplace in many households. Memory foam technology has improved significantly since its inception. Originally, it retained a little too much body heat which led to slower “bounceback” but the current technology means memory foam cools much quicker and consequently reforms faster too.

With the comforting and durability features of this material plain to see (and feel), the natural progression was memory foam shoes. Afterall the hardest working part of our bodies is generally the feet. They hold our entire bodyweight for the majority of our waking hours, so a little extra comfort is welcome. Memory foam shoes are truly a blessing for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, either standing or walking.

Everyday Memory Foam Shoes.

The benefits of memory foam is obvious in sports footwear but now you can even find smart leather shoes for work and everyday wear. This is good news for those with sensitive feet or medical issues but also for everyone else as memory foam shoes have many benefits.

The latest footwear to get the memory foam treatment are slides or open toe sandals. While these have always been comfortable, the addition of this special foam makes them a pleasure to wear. Perfect for the beach or just around the house, memory foam slides should be on your list of essential footwear items.

Memory Foam Shoes For Sport.

The other obvious use for memory foam shoes is sport. Athletes and sportsmen need good quality footwear to protect their feet from damage and memory foam provides valuable cushioning from impact as well as moulding perfectly to the foot. This also means extra padding around heels which equals a tighter fit, leading to better stability and balance.

Big name sportswear companies have adopted memory foam for use in their shoes and trainers. Brands such as Nike and Skechers produce high quality memory foam shoes for various sports such as athletics and basketball.

Nike Memory Foam Shoes.

Nike have always been associated with sports shoes but the addition of memory foam takes their domination to new hights. Nike Foamposite are one the most distinctive styles of trainers available and at their core is a kind of memory foam. Endorsed by NBA legend Penny Hardaway, these Nike memory foam shoes are notoriously popular with basketball players and style conscious teenagers alike.

Among the biggest brands on the planet, the fact that Nike use memory foam in their high end sports shoes tells you all you need to know. Memory foam shoes are the future of footwear and Nike is fully aware of this.

Skechers Memory Foam Shoes.

Skechers memory foam shoes in particular are very popular in shoe stores in the mall or online. Skechers produce memory foam shoes in just about every style you can think of and they are more or less the pioneers of the memory foam shoe industry. Combining style and comfort is not always easy but Skechers pull it off with ease.

Originally, Skechers produced easy to wear slip on shoes with their trademark special memory foam insole but now fashionable sports trainers are their main focus plus casual shoes and boots.

Memory Foam Shoes For Work.

A lot of people who manual labor jobs, such as those employed on construction sites, need strong, durable shoes for both safety and general wear and tear. Usually, these can be uncomfortable. Generally made from tough leather, they can be the cause of blisters and related annoyances.

With the advent of memory foam shoes for work, things are now a whole lot comfier for the working population. Need steel toe cap shoes? Now you can have steel toe capped memory foam shoes for work and the prices are similar to normal work boots.

Memory Foam Insoles For Shoes.

Have a favourite pair of shoes but they are just not that comfortable when you wear them for long periods? It’s a common problem but easily remedied by adding some memory foam insoles. Reasonably cheap to buy and long lasting, these special inserts add new life to your favourite shoes new or old.

Insoles made from memory foam come in various thickness’ to cater for all activities. Thin insoles are more suited to athletic pastimes where flexibility and motion is needed whereas thicker insoles are suited to higher impacts from running and hiking etc. Choose a medium memory foam insole for everyday use.


Whether you suffer with problems with your feet or are just looking for a more comfortable shoe, memory foam shoes are a huge improvement over most other types of footwear in terms of wearability. Technology advances everyday and memory foam is a massive boost not just for mattresses and pillows, but for the shoes we wear in our everyday life. Get yourself a pair today and we promise you won’t regret it.

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