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Why do you behave the way you do, knowing what you know?

The majority of the time, people’s failure to take the necessary steps to take care of themselves is not due to a lack of education. We all know that working 14-hour days, using excessive amounts of coffee, and eating a lackluster diet of veggies would not lead to our healthiest selves, but frequently we continue to do these things.

When we act in ways that we know we shouldn’t, it usually signifies that, somewhere beneath the surface of our behavior, some ideas are sabotaging us. You can tell that something deeper is keeping you from taking better care of yourself if you catch yourself saying, “I know I should but… ”

So, what do you plan to do?


For many people, taking some time to think about the behaviors that aren’t very supportive and what might be causing them is the first step to constantly maintaining our wellness. There is a persistent notion of not being enough for many people. This may manifest in our daily lives as excessive eating, spending above our means, or a pattern of infrequent, fleeting intimate connections. Our task—and only task—when we are in a trance of deficiency is to take whatever steps are necessary to obtain more.

Scientists have found through decades of research that we see what we believe rather than believing what we see. You will continue to behave in accordance with your self-created version of reality until you are ready to examine your inner world and discover the beliefs that may be guiding your version of the universe. Because of this, a person who doesn’t trust other people will see “proof” of this everywhere around them. We need to examine our emotional landscape to understand why we feel the need to act in the ways that we do, despite knowing better, in order to get to the core of the beliefs that are motivating your behaviors and actions.

It’s an ongoing, interesting, and heart-opening process to name beliefs and look into the feelings they bring up.

Writing in a journal is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to examine your emotional terrain. It gives us the chance to talk to ourselves and start thinking about our interior experiences. Try writing down your answers to these questions if you’re new to journaling or feel like you need some more precise ones. Usually, our beliefs are connected to the first thing that comes to mind. If not, come up with some more questions that feel more powerful to you.

“I know I should stop                              but…”

“When I look at myself I see…”

“The most important thing in life is to…”

Identify your priorities.

How am I meant to eat healthy when I don’t have time to cook? Is one of the most common questions I hear from individuals when I talk to them.

“How am I supposed to take care of my family when I simply don’t have the time to make meals from scratch?”

Even while I understand that many of us balance a variety of responsibilities and roles on a daily basis, I do think that we should examine our priorities and our core principles as a whole.

Nothing on this planet can substitute for a nourishing diet as it is the fundamental building block of human existence and good health. It may take more time to prepare real food or set aside time for a regular meditation practice, but we need to make time for these activities in our schedules.

What we really mean when we say, “I don’t have time for that,” is, “it’s not a priority for me.” Try that on, then. How does it make you feel to tell yourself that you don’t have time for a nourishing or restorative activity that can improve your health and vitality and give you more energy? The truth is that we cannot sacrifice our diet and physical well-being and still hope to enjoy excellent health and vigor.

The Technique of Small, Gradual Change

The truth is that if you try to alter everything at once, you’re more likely to quit up because it’s just too difficult. If you are someone who needs to cut back on their coffee intake, start with small reductions before temporarily switching to green tea. To replace less-than-nutritious foods, look for quick, nourishing alternatives. Make it a goal to go to bed at 10 p.m. at least two nights each week. Then, strive to go to bed at five nights per week.


Challenge yourself to have a digital detox evening once a week, and then try for another if you want to reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the screen. If you go out to supper, try to find a place that has more wholesome food options. And finish the tasks you are aware of one at a time. Perhaps create a timetable (if that’s something that works for you) where you add a new health practice to your daily routine every week (or two, or every month), so that over the course of months, you’ve made a lot of adjustments that will fundamentally alter the way you take care of yourself.

Additionally, keep in mind that your health is influenced by your actions most of the time, not just occasionally. So be kind to yourself when you occasionally make decisions that aren’t very nourishing.

Several Ideas to Get You Started

If feeding you whole foods are difficult: Make a green smoothie for the day to start and bring it to work. Load it up with a lot of leafy greens, and then sprinkle a scoop of veggie powder on top for an extra boost.

If you are aware that you consume too much alcohol: Start with two days per week without booze. Try choosing sparkling water the next time you attend an event where free booze is provided. Never forget that you don’t have to eat something just because it’s there!

If your sweet tooth is disappointing you: There are a tonne of establishments that now sell raw desserts that are free of processed sugars; pick one of these instead or, even better, make your own.

If you are an excessive worker: Our need to meet deadlines forces us to put in extra hours on occasion, while other times our sense of urgency causes us to put in fourteen-hour days. Find out what this means to you.

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