Top 12 Worst Campers you want to avoid


Camping can be a great experience when you are in the right company where everyone is considerate of the comfort and the general welfare of the others.



The food vacuum

This camper is always eating anything that he comes across. Regardless of whose it is. In the morning if you ration 2 eggs for each camper, he will vacuum up 6 eggs without any regard that other will miss out on their portion. After the first day of camping, you realize you are running low on supplies while you were confident you had enough supplies to last you four days. Not funny when you are a couple of miles from the nearest shop.


The Night acrobat

Going to sleep in a sleeping bag takes some getting used but it only fair that you quickly get into the best sleeping position you can so that you camp mates can also get to nod off. Avoid turning over endlessly trying to get the best position. After all camping is not meant to rival spending the night at the Intercontinental.

Prophet of doom

They are always getting up in the middle of the night to check if the river is relocation to your campsite or whether a meteorite is headed for you camp. As you are about to nod off he wakes you up to tell you he thinks he probably left the Iron box on back home. You try to re assure him that everything will be fine a she probably also left the shower running. But he just can’t calm down or it’s just that he doesn’t get it.

The In-tent Muncher

They will bring in food into the tent n total disregard of all camping rules. And when you wake up in the morning to find the tent full of crawling insects or even slithering things, he will be the first one to act surprised that you have so much undesirable company.

The Perfectionist

He is always trying to arrange everything. Moving things without first finding out why they are where they are. He is not appreciating the camp members efforts and is always insisting there is a better way to do everything. The can ruin the camping expiring for everyone in the camp, as they tend to forhget one of the foremost reasons you came to camp is to run away from the routine and dreary “order” of the home life.

Filth Sergeant

You are a blessing if you offer your services as the official camp Chef. But if you can’t keep yourself clean and especially allergic to cleaning your hands before handling food stuff and hygiene, then you will soon be the most unpopular guy in the camp.

Space Hog

He does not respect other campers space. In the tent he will want to hog all the space he can with no due regard for other campers. They have been known to even have their gear strewn in two or more tents.

Gorilla glue

When hiking or general moving around the camp, this character will almost be literal hitched to your backside and not giving you your space to maneuver around. This can be quite irritating.


The sluggard

This is the most annoying human being who will look for any excuse not to lend a hand in any chores. As soon as you reach your designated spot where you are supposed to set up your tent he will invent any reason to ensure the he is not involved in that tent set up business or any other duties the time my assign.

The lone ranger

He came with you to the camp but operates like he is alone in his cubicle. He will only fry one egg, wash one cup, and only add wood to the fire when he has a personal need. Seems like he misinterpreted this whole concept of camping.

The Ghetto Blaster

When everybody wants all quiet and peace he is cranking up the volume on 200 watts Radio he inexplicably came to camp with. Other than his camp mates, even campers in other camps and the animals in the woods will be in for a rough night. A bizarre way of communing with nature.


The Wrecking ball

You’ve hardly been in camp for a few hours and it looks like a hurricane passed through. There is absolutely no order as a result of his moving things all over and leaving them upside wherever.

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